Conversational AI in Retail and Ecommerce
Herbie can bring in new dimension for your business and customer engagement by offering a unique shopping experience

Conversational AI in Retail and Ecommerce
Herbie can bring in new dimension for your business and customer engagement by offering a unique shopping experience

Herbie Offers state-of-the-art solutions for Retail challenges

Herbie Retail Chatbot is an innovative and interactive voice assistant which can create new opportunities by profoundly transforming the digital and in-store shopping experience. Herbie can handle FAQs about customer-specific products and services across various channels of communication. Herbie ai chatbot boosts brand value and increases revenue for the business.

Herbie can monitor consumer buying behavior and provide analytics for the retail to make suitable improvements to their collections and labels. Herbie chatbot for retail can be integrated into your existing CRM for streamlining digital workflows. Herbie provides advanced Inventory management, real time shipment and supply tracker, Insights on products and services, 24/7 customer assistance, Innovative supply chain management and many more.


Herbie Enables End-To-End Visibility

Built with most advanced technology, Sentiment Analysis and ML - Herbie is sure to redefine your shopping experience.

24/7 Customer Assistance & Self–Service

Herbie Retail Chatbot provides 24/7 In-store and online customer assistance. Customers can receive updates on special offers, holiday promotions and store coupons. Herbie offers self- service facility for the customers to track their orders, schedule/ reschedule delivery, request alerts on price drop for specific items , hassle free payments and returns.

Insight on Product/Services

Herbie answers FAQs on products and services on different communication channels promptly. Herbie can update the customers on product positioned at stores. Herbie offers tips and feedback on different product categories which contribute to informed buying. Herbie increases website traffic and online sales by its smart presence on 13+ social channels.

Real-time Inventory Data

Herbie provides staff with access to inventory / product details in real time. The managers can place orders to their suppliers via Herbie. Herbie avoids the inconvenient store navigation of both the staff and customers by assisting them in locating products and their availability. Herbie also provides status on customer product delivery.

Supply Chain management

Herbie chatbots for retail industry by seamlessly integrating with their existing CRM and provide data. Herbie effectively manages the vendor and consumer obligations that play a key role in the market sector. Herbie provides notification of shipment 24/7 and monitors any delays in supplies. Surplus inventory or items out of stock situations can be avoided with Herbie’s advanced supply chain strategy.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Herbie Ecommerce Chatbot greets the user and shows collection based on their preferences and history. Herbie can locate the nearest store based on their zip code and show product availability. Herbie can look up warranty, track orders and shipment details in real time for customers. Herbie can process orders across multiple digital channels. Herbie can monetize the abandoned carts with relevant offers and store coupons.

Conversational Commerce

Herbie responds to customer queries efficiently, analyses their buying pattern and enhance the shopping experience by providing personalized services and offers. Herbie can conduct survey on customer satisfaction with friendly interactions. Herbie converts passive contact forms and shopping carts into engaging conversations to enable best shopping experience.

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Herbie Retail Chatbot Features

  • Increase website traffic and online sales
  • view, share and purchase product from catalog
  • process Order across multiple digital channels
  • In-store and online assistance
  • Notify recent collections and trends
  • Instant order status
  • Improve Internal Communication
  • Avoid excess inventory or items out of stock
  • Supply chain Management
  • Rescheduling deliveries and process returns
  • Avoids inconvenient store navigation
  • Monetize abandoned carts with relevant offers
  • FAQ on products & Services
  • Insights on buying behavior
  • Holiday promotions & deals

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