Conversational AI in Insurance
Herbie is always online for the policy holders and providers with a friendly voice chat

Conversational AI in Insurance
Herbie is always online for the policy holders and providers with a friendly voice chat

Conversational AI Chatbot for Insurance

Herbie Insurance Chatbot - Insurance companies are always flooded with claims, new policies, disputes, paperwork, audit and so on. Herbie can handle most of their business operations which involves routine procedures. Herbie voice assistant can interact with customers and provide valuable information anywhere, anytime.

Insurance providers can increase their revenue with Herbie by reduction on their operational costs, more deal closures, quicker claim processing, proposal quote generation, efficient documentations. Companies can reap greater benefits by gaining more market share and brand loyalty.


Features of Insurance Chatbot

Herbie offers voice and Text chat for policy holders and Insurance providers

Personalized Quote bot

Herbie chatbot for insurance provides quotes for various domains like auto, home, personal, travel and so on. Herbie gets intent of the customers and navigates them to appropriate plans and provide suggestions that caters to their demands. Customers feel at ease interacting with Herbie than browsing catalogues or web forms.

Claim Processing

Herbie Insurance Chatbot assists in the claim processing by following up on the necessary documents from the claim holders and validating their policy status. Herbie accelerates the process by creating tickets and integrating them with the existing CRM. Herbie enables insurers to close more deals and resolve more claims.

Leverage Business

Herbie can perform analytics with the available data and can predict the risk factors involved. This helps the insurers to make effective investment decisions. Herbie is built on advanced technology to provide insurers and policyholders greater flexibility and speed.

Travel Coverage

Herbie supports the travel insurance sector by recommending the customers suitable travel policies about to their duration and place of stay. Insurance providers can offer better coverage with precise information .Herbie makes a friendly conversation with their clients to get valuable information for better protection.

Back office Maintenance

Herbie works coherently with the back office and provides status on tickets. Herbie can send reminders to the policyholders on their convenient channels for any renewals and updates. Herbie can download policies for the clients and can validate policy status when a claim is submitted.

24x7 Online Voice Assistant

Herbie insurance bot covers the policyholders round the clock by assisting them on renewals, payments, claims issues, policy change, downloading documents and so on. Herbie can also assist with general enquires, proposals, lead generation, ticket management, documentations, send notifications etc., for the insurance providers.

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Ask Herbie for assistance on everything you want to know about your Insurance

  • Eligibility Checking
  • Insurance Lead Generation
  • Collection of Documents for Insurance Policy Issuance
  • View My Policies
  • View Policy Benefits, Bonus, Renewal Details
  • Reminder on Renewals
  • Renew Policies
  • Raise Issues on Policies
  • Get Policy Document on Email / Download
  • Claims Request
  • Status of Claims
  • Cashless Network Identifier
  • Insurance Coverage – Personal Policy
  • Statement of Account

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