Conversational AI in Government
Government can provide an elevated lifestyle to its citizens through Herbie’s smart voice assistance

Conversational AI in Government
Government can provide an elevated lifestyle to its citizens through Herbie’s smart voice assistance

Conversational AI for Government- Empowering Citizens

Herbie is an advanced and sophisticated voice assistant built on natural language processing and ML. Herbie provides a two- way conversation between citizens and government authorities to build a transparent leadership. Herbie assists the government to quickly resolve citizens and city problems. Herbie can be integrated into existing system and can engage citizens with voice, text and images.

Herbie’s advanced algorithm enables citizens to converse in their native language and get a response. Herbie is connected to 13+ social channels and hence citizens can conveniently communicate on their preferred channel. Herbie connects the user to the personnel or service. Herbie alleviates stress on government officials and enables them to contribute more to the community.


Connects Multiple Government Agencies To The Public

Herbie offers a unified approach to bring government and its citizens together.

Digital Government

Herbie is an intelligent and matured voice assistant which can resolve queries most effectively and establish a direct communication link between government authorities and the public. Herbie can be customized to any government body such as Health, Insurance, Banking, Revenue, Law and order, Permits and Registrations, Municipal and so on.

Self- Service portal

Herbie enables citizens to access public records, post queries to government agencies, download official records, pay taxes, fines & penalties, avail scholarships & loans, pay/dispute parking tickets, job openings, vehicle and housing registrations, passport appointments, recent policies, grants and subsidies etc.

Report scams and frauds

Herbie helps citizens to report crimes with/without revealing identities. Herbie also assists them through the process and redirects the grievances to appropriate officials for further correspondence. Identity theft, Ponzi schemes, lost licenses, passports, credit cards, unauthorized construction, domestic violence, IRS scams, report potholes and more.

Immigration and citizenship

Approaching the government for immigration has always been a challenge. Herbie can automate the process by booking appointments when the slots open. Herbie can assist the immigrants with pre-requisites, FAQs and procedures for the interviews. This eases the work of government officials and enables them to handle more appointments.

Law and legal issues

Citizens are not always aware of their legal rights and benefits. Herbie guides them and provide response to their inquiries pertaining to their situation. Citizens may ask for legal clarification or any legal question through Herbie, which will answered directly by the officers. Herbie through smart and friendly conversations serves the administration and public hand in hand.

Tax and policies

Citizens can pay taxes or any government dues through Herbie self-service portal. Herbie can answer tax related inquiries and also helps them to submit their forms. citizens can also check their status on tax refunds. Herbie also provides an update on tax rebates and grants. Government can post their policy changes or amendments through Herbie.

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One stop Information Hub

  • The Government can provide 24/7/365 voice assistance to citizens
  • Citizens get assistance in their native language
  • Keeping citizens informed of their rights
  • Citizens get updated on policy amendments
  • Notify employment opportunities
  • Answers FAQs on tax, investments and laws
  • Provide access to public records, legal certificates
  • Citizen self-service portal for passport services, vehicle registration & licenses, property survey, postal service, Tax returns..
  • Schedule visit to public health centers
  • Book appointments for Visa interviews
  • Schedule visit to public health centers
  • Eligibility check on loans, scholarship, Health insurance and grants
  • Informing people on potential public Health hazards
  • Notify citizens on public events and agendas
  • Report scams, Fraud and Theft
  • Report incidents and domestic violence
  • Notify government on unauthorized constructions

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