Conversational AI in Automotive

Herbie offers unique customer assistance for hassle free buying experience

Conversational AI in Automotive

Herbie offers unique customer assistance for hassle free buying experience

Buying is lot easier with Herbie

Herbie automotive chatbot is an innovative 24x7 AI automated voice service to address auto queries. It starts with locating the nearest dealer, customized quotes based on preferences, test drives, purchase assistance, pre-approved auto loans, insurance, post purchase support, road side assistance, and so on.

Herbie Automobile Chatbot saves time and human potential by streamlining the entire process. It’s a facelift for the automobile industry and promotes credibility among existing customers and potential prospects.


Our Core Services

Herbie diligently serves automobile industry with its smart voice assistance

Lead generation

Herbie Conversational AI in Automotive engages and educates the clients 24x7 at premises and on websites by providing information on vehicle models, specifications, policies, product inventories, finance options, market prices and much more. Herbie’s smart assistance can transform casual browsers into potential buyers. The integration of Herbie with CRM helps the sales team to conclude the deal.

Customized Purchase Assistance

Automobile markets are constantly inundated with hundreds of models, labels and specialized features that make selection for the consumers even more complicated. Advanced Herbie RPA algorithms will comprehend and suggest suitable cars for customers ' budget, needs and preferences. Buyers get more clarity and business gets more revenue.

Post-Purchase Support

Automobile market generates recurrent revenue in maintenance apart from promoting vehicles. With Herbie, dealers can retain their clients by offering 24x7 voice assistance, setting reminders for service, component replacement assistance and much more. Herbie’s ML gets better with every human interaction.

Road-Side Assistance

Herbie Automotive Chatbot can ease the roadside assistance formalities through simple interaction. Customers get stuck on the road at odd times and customer support teams are loaded with the number of calls and requests. Herbie streamlines these requests and sends assistance at the earliest. Herbie reinforces trust and customer satisfaction.

Insurance and Service Assistance

In the digital world Herbie can render her part by getting an insurance quote for the client based on their location and type of vehicle. Herbie can assist customers to schedule appointments for test drives, pre-approved auto loans, estimates trade-in-value for old cars, send regular maintenance reminders and lot a more.

Customer Self-Service

Herbie offers self-service portals where the new clients can interact to know about the vehicles make, models, pricing, electric or gasoline and various other queries. The existing clients can book appointments for their service, payments, and order parts directly without making calls to the representatives.

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Herbie unites customers and dealers forever

  • Lead Generation
  • Vehicles catalog and Details
  • Test Drive Booking & Feedback
  • View My Vehicle & Download Manuals
  • Insurance Booking, Policy Download / Email
  • Service Booking – Pickup & Drop Facilities / Reschedule
  • Service Payment & Reminders
  • Road Side Assistance, Follow-up Service
  • Parts Availability with pricing
  • Self Help – Trouble shooting with ticket creation
  • Service Center Location
  • Post Service Survey& Recall Campaign
  • Service Statement, Service History

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