Conversational AI in Healthcare
Herbie Virtual Assistant facilitates direct collaboration between healthcare providers and Customers. With Herbie, Healthcare is now a conversation away

Conversational AI in Healthcare
Herbie Virtual Assistant facilitates direct collaboration between healthcare providers and Customers

Conversational AI Solutions for Healthcare

Herbie enables Hassle-free Personalized Healthcare Experience.

Connect Patients To Providers

AI-powered Herbie healthcare chatbot assists efficiently by locating the health care provider closest to your location. Based on the illness, Herbie can suggest an appropriate specialist to look for and can also help with scheduling appointments. Herbie can also find out if the healthcare provider consents to the patient's insurance. This reduces search and anxiety involved during critical care and emergency.

Health Insurance Assistance

Herbie informs patients about their out-of-pocket costs and copays based on their policy and treatment. Herbie healthcare chatbot dubai assists patients pay bills, submit claims ,view balance on their health benefits and answers all the queries related to their health insurance with a personalized human touch.


Features Of Herbie Healthcare Chatbot

Herbie enables Hassle-free Personalized Healthcare Experience

Monitors IP/OP calls

Herbie stands 24/7 to serve the healthcare community. The relationship between the healthcare centers and patients are most of the times very passive. Herbie can engage in general inquiries and respond appropriately anywhere and anytime in a human voice. Herbie can also update in-patients and physicians on their next planned events.

Schedule Appointments

Herbie ai healthcare chatbot can query the customers and identify related possibilities of ailments which act as a guideline to approach the right Health care experts. Herbie shares the complete list of physicians associated with the hospital and their visit schedules. Herbie can also book appointments with the specialists based on their availability and patient's convenience.

Maintains EMR

Through capturing all their interactions digitally, Herbie connects the Health care and patient population. Herbie records and tracks the history of patients, laboratory tests, use of medications, food and medication reactions and doctor recommendations. The doctors and patients benefit tremendously from such essential knowledge to provide personalized healthcare.

Process bill payments & Medical Invoices

Herbie transaction bots can process bills and medical invoices by collaborating with their insurance providers. This saves stress on patients during their post recovery phase. Herbie can also assist in the submission of claims to the healthcare insurance which otherwise is a meticulous task for patients.

Order/Renew Medical Prescriptions

Herbie healthcare chatbot India can connect with pharmacists and order medicines on request. It assists patients to order their medications through the exchange of prescriptions in their pharmacy. Patients may apply directly to their physicians and receive approval for their medical prescriptions renewals with Herbie.

Maintains Health Tracker

Herbie Medical Chatbot monitors the follow up routines recommended by the physicians and informs patients through its Omni-channel presence. Following every medical appointment, Herbie keeps critical health information up to date. Patient self-tracker assists them in maintaining exercise and diet schedules.

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Herbie Conversational AI for Healthcare

Herbie is an intelligent and unique Health care voice assistant. Herbie navigates patients through illness and helps them to get to the physicians they want to meet by scheduling appointments. Herbie maintains electronic records of patients and can send reminders on follow up routines. Herbie can also update the lab results (blood sugar levels, blood pressure, hemoglobin count..) and vitals in the patient profile.

The physicians are up-to-date on patient history and they can query Herbie for any information recall. Herbie ai chatbot can assist seniors to contact caregivers, receive reminders about medication and other health tasks, call emergency/critical care service, prescription renewals and so on. Herbie provides comfort and accessibility for patients and better labor and productivity for the providers.


Herbie - Modern Approach to Healthcare

  • Improved quality of Patient care
  • Personalized Health care treatment
  • Prevent unnecessary visits to Health care providers
  • Global healthcare
  • Seamless transfer/exchange of information between patients and physicians
  • More privacy with chatbot related to human interaction
  • Omni-channel alert on follow-ups
  • Quick access to necessary vital information during emergencies
  • Personal Health Management tracker
  • Reliable information than search-engine

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