Conversational AI in Hospitality
Herbie provides guests personalized experience on their stay with her voice assistance

Conversational AI in Hospitality
Herbie provides guests personalized experience on their stay with her voice assistance

Conversational Voice Assistant in Hospitality

Herbie Hospitality Chatbot is an AI-powered chatbot that offer guests instant 24/7 assistance, real-time recommendations, personalized offers, all of which would eventually increase customer loyalty and ROI.


Herbie At Your Service

Herbie offers distinguished services to its customers for a happier stay

Customized Booking

Herbie Hospitality Chatbot is an intelligent voice assistant which eases the job of the customers in booking hotels based on their desire. Herbie can locate hotels in the network which has their choice of preferences in the amenities and location. It can also suggest promotions and offers available to them. Herbie‘s ML is amazing that it can remember their preference for their future bookings.

Personalized Experience

Herbie can perform actions with simple a verbal request from the customer. Booking for vacations can happen effortlessly and yet more precisely. Hoteliers get intimated of the customers delayed check-in , cancellation or reschedules. This seamless transfer of information brings comfort to both customers and hotel staffs.

Room Service and maintenance

Herbie can give visitors an impressive in-room experience by enabling them to request any service through interaction. Customers can ask Herbie for toiletries, set up alarms, laundry, Spa services, pool timings, menu details, order food, book tables and so on. These commands are directed to the appropriate person which saves response time and increase the revenue potential.

Communication at ease

Herbie allows customers to communicate with their hotel staffs even before their arrival. Any pre-requisites for their stay can be arranged without any delays or wait times. Customers can checkout from their hotels with simple interactions like “Herbie, check me out”. Herbie initiates the procedure by collaborating with the hotel staff. The hoteliers can also get the room available for their next customer.

Hotel Amenities and Special offers

Herbie Hotel Chatbot can update the customers in a friendly conversation about their hotel amenities, transportation facilities and places to visit nearby. Herbie can also inform them of the special offers and discounts on their bookings like free breakfast, Wi-Fi, gym access and so on. Herbie can also arrange to pick up and drop from the airport based on customers’ request.

Stay connected

Herbie can keep a record of the customers to send notifications on special occasions and deals. These help in brand loyalty and retain the goodwill of the customers. Herbie can conduct a survey on the customers about their stay and can promptly respond to their reviews on different communication channels.

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Herbie hospitality chatbot at your service

  • Give Details of various types of rooms available
  • Getting of Rate for Rooms and enable real time booking & Payments
  • Giving booking confirmation and voucher to the customer
  • Take Survey on customer experience
  • Enable customer to send custom messages on his booking
  • Reschedule / Cancel booking
  • Special needs update
  • Real-time conversation with Hotel Manager
  • Enquiries on hotel facilities – Gym, Swimming pool, food court etc. Order Food conversationally after understanding the menu and Components
  • Book for facilities
  • Reminders on social channels on booking / events
  • Birth Day / Anniversary Greetings
  • Sending of offers
  • Booking of transportation facilities and receive confirmation
  • Alert on readiness of transportation
  • Complaints & Status on hotel reservations

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