Conversational AI in Banking
Herbie offers a personalized banking experience round the clock with its advanced AI Bots

Conversational AI in Banking
Herbie offers a personalized banking experience round the clock with its advanced AI Bots

Herbie Your Friendly Conversational AI for Banking

Herbie is a voice-enabled banking chatbot that can engage in human-like conversations and address general queries relevant to retail banking such as deposits, interest rates, new policies, loan information, and many more.

Herbie bank is a distinctly advanced and matured Artificially Intelligent Chatbot with RPA competencies. It has ready to use Infobot for serving every website and Social Media Visitor 24/7 cheerfully. Our bank chatbot dubai can automate transactions, processes (more than 100+ services) and perform Push Notifications.


Herbie Offers More Banking With Fewer Visits

Herbie Chatbots in Banking can assist the business in multiple ways and facelift them to an entirely new level.

Multi- Platform

Herbie Bank Bot Dubai is built with advanced AI technology and can adapt to any kind of existing banking CRM. Herbie can be made available on the website or as a part of the internet portal and can assist customers 24/7 all over the world tirelessly. Herbie supports both voice and text for the convenience of the customers. Customers can interact with Herbie in their native language and get their work done.

Boost your business

Herbie reduces the traffic in the banks with requests like Fund Transfer, Balance Enquiry, Statement Download, Cheque Book and many other transactions. Herbie Infobot can answer queries related to general information on banks to its customers in a human voice. Herbie transaction bot can transfer funds securely with Multi-factor authentication and SSO.

Anytime Banking

Herbie supports bank employees and its patrons to access information based on their login status (pre login, post login, general) and geographic location round the clock. Herbie can be customized to display role specific information thereby protecting the sensitivity of data. Herbie can respond to banking related enquiries anytime from anywhere.

Informed Customers and Employees

Herbie chatbots for banking can educate customers on policies and procedures for carrying out banking operations. Bank employees are relieved of their routine activities thereby managing more clients and generating more profits. It's a WIN-WIN for both the bank and its customers.

Trend Analysis

Herbie empowers the bank by handling mundane client requests and automate processing. Herbie offers insights into the investment pattern and preferences of its customers. Banks can use these data and analytics to offer value added services to their clients.

Globally connected

Herbie conversational chatbots in banking India can manage multiple accounts of the customer and present it in a single statement/ Unified dashboard (including multi-currency accounts). This provides an opportunity for the bank to stay connected with their customers and increase their market share.

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Herbie Bank Bot provides the following features to its Customers

  • Spend Analysis
  • Unified dashboard for multiple accounts
  • Multi-Currency Account Statement
  • Fund transfer
  • Cheque deposit status
  • New Credit/Debit card request
  • PIN Request/change
  • View/Download statement
  • Loyalty points
  • Check balance
  • Locker request/close
  • Transaction enquiry
  • Manage & View beneficiaries

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